Visual Studio Task list

Software development is a complicated effort; I must juggle handful things any given time. At the top of it, because I always have deadlines to finish by, sometimes I need to cut-down few things or make it just good enough to get by. However, I want to remember those shortcomings and go back to them once time is permitted.

I use Visual Studio Task List feature to organize my to-dos. I think it's one of the less appreciated out-of-the-box features that Visual Studio offers. I have seen people write notes on post-its or piece of paper rather than using it. It's in fact as simple as write a comment.

//TODO Make ApplyDiscount function more efficient

The Task List displays comments in my code that begin with the comment marker and special words. There are 4 (what they call) token already added: HACK, TODO, UNDONE, UnresolvedMergeConflict. But certainly, you can add more token suits your development style.

Task List comments can be used to indicate a variety of work to be done at the location marked

  • feaures to be added
  • inefficiency to be fixed
  • problems to be corrected
  • refences to be checked

More info how-to using Task List on MSDN.